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Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVERs) and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialists (DVOPs) are based in the WorkOnes, and are dedicated to helping Veterans and eligible spouses receive all the services they need.

Veteran services in the WorkOne offices are designed to assist Veterans* and /or eligible Spouses* to find and secure suitable employment and make the transition from the military to the civilian workforce.
To qualify for placement services you must meet the following definition and be registered with your local WorkOne:

  • Any individual who served more than 180 days on active duty (not for Reserve or National Guard training).
  • Any individual who served on active duty and was released because of a service connected illness or injury. (Does not have to meet the 180-day rule)
  • Any individual who was in the National Guard or Reserves and was called to active duty during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge is authorized. (Examples are Panama, Grenada, Haiti, Beruit, Persian Gulf, Desert Shield or Desert Storm. You do not have to have served in that area.)

Individualized services:

Veteran One-On-One Interview

Our goal is to help you become employed. During the interview, the DVOP or LVER will help identify your employment needs. They will conduct an assessment; gather relevant information such as: personal barriers, food and clothing, housing situation, transportation, family concerns, legal issues if any, financial barriers, emotional barriers, etc. You'll learn about the job market in the location where you want to work, obtain training and be referred to job openings that match your interests, skills, and experience.

Indiana Career Connect 

We'll review your application in Indiana Career Connect to ensure you have listed all skills gained through your military service. You'll have access to job leads and applications, get labor market information that includes pay ranges and job trends, put together a resume, and find out about other community resources available to you.

Develop Plan of Action

Together with the DVOP or LVER, you will develop a plan with action steps that will serve as your blueprint to successful employment! The plan may include career exploration and guidance, job development contacts, training referral, and coordination of supportive services. You will want to take advantage of the many free training sessions and workshops in our Job Seeker Product Box. All of our products are designed to increase your skill level. Our dynamic trainers will motivate you with information, handouts & helpful exercises which will prepare you to get the best job possible with your skills.